We recently received a call that would change Karman Healthcare forever. We are huge fans of the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” so it would come as no surprise that we were very excited to hear from someone in his camp regarding our chairs.  It was a special day for us to get a celebrity call and to ask one of our dealers to help deliver the wheelchair to a special friend.  Help us like and join the community on Facebook to see what everyone said.  Jay said, “this is a great wheelchair” and he wanted to do something nice for his friend.  Join our facebook and blog to see how Mr. Leno really steps for his his personal friend as we all should.  Great work Jay!  You really made our day!

We have a variety of wheelchairs available for end users that cater to their daily needs, but there is one type of chair that stands above the rest, the XO-202. The XO-202 is a power standing wheelchair that is designed to help a wheelchair user become totally independent.


Stand Up with Power

The Karman XO-202 Power Wheelchair with Stand-Up Wheelchair feature offers many health benefits previously unavailable to those in a wheelchair.

By putting the body in a standing position, the chair provides users with better blood circulation, kidney and bladder functioning, as well as muscle tone.



green-check copy6061 T-6 Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame

green-check copyFlip-back Concave Armrests w/ SHARK II

green-check copyAdjustable Footrest Height & Angle

green-check copy2-3” Memory Foam Cushion Back and Seat

green-check copyBreathable Nylon Upholstery

green-check copy8” Front Flat Free Caster

green-check copy14″ Rear Flat Free Rear Wheels


Jay Leno

Producer | Writer | Actor

Jay Leno began his career in night clubs, where he worked 300 nights a year before hitting it big in 1992 with his own late-night talk show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992).