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Social Media and Wheelchair Users

If you do not know what social media is then here is a quick summary, social media is many platforms on the Internet that let you communicate with different users across the globe essentially. Each platform is similar but of course, they all have some differences. Now, if you do know what social media is and you do not use it at all then this article will help you either support your choice of not using it or reconsider to actually use it. Practically every person on this planet has heard of any type of social media that is how popular it has erupted recently. Links to open your own accounts will also be provided and keep in mind all off them are free but have their own paid features.

Socially Active

Being on social media can help you be more social because you start getting to know different people around you and it can lead to new friendships. Every platform of social media has unique people and it is very easy to locate people near you or in your city with the use of hashtags. Once you start to post often and start seeing an increase in followers and people commenting and asking you questions about your post. Adding location specific hashtags helps people in your area locate you with the location hashtag and also with similar interests. You can also direct message anyone through his or her profile, which can very helpful if you want a response right away. Social media can help you keep in constant contact with your family and friends.

What Platform Should You Join?

The platform that you want to join depends on your preferences you have because they all have a different twist to it and a different feel also. For example, Twitter has a theme of the users tweeting versus Facebook does post. Do some extended research on each one and maybe give it a try. Find out what most of your friends have and use because with them it will be easier for you to get the hang osocial media accountsf it. When you have carefully chosen, which one you want to join or you can join multiple platforms the process to make an account is very easy.

Staying Active

Once you have downloaded the apps you can start making friends online which hopefully translate to making friends with them in person. Invite those people that always show support to your profile to somewhere fun or maybe something that is interesting to the both of you so it can start a good bond. As for your current friends, social media can help you stay current with nearby events, which you should go to with your friends to stay socially active.

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