Wheelchairs in this category can weigh as little as 13 pounds, this type of chair is defined by the frame design, it built as a one-piece frame that cannot be folded, but is usually more compact and has a lighter weight than folding chairs.

Rigid chairs are some of the most performance-based, technologically advanced, and propel-efficient wheelchairs available today. Usually the demographic for rigid chairs is young and active, one who travels a lot on the chair, one, which uses the chair for daily, commutes to work or school.

Ride Performance

Designed with the idea that performance is king, and optimizing the rigidity of the chair for an active lifestyle. Although it really comes down to personal preference, rigid frames have become the go to type of chair for most active individuals who are looking for a chair that is constructed with the user in mind.

Folding frames are sometimes referred to as “companion frames” because they are allegedly built for the caregiver to be able to fold the chair and store it for convenience. This type of chair offers no such option, which means that it does not take into consideration whether the user is going to be pushed by a companion.



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