If your wheelchair is going to be funded by one of the usual means like Medicare/Medicaid, insurers, or the Department of Veterans Affairs, you might possibly be required to go through an assessment. This is where you will need all the assistance you can get. Being in the correct place with the most suitable people can make a huge difference during this process.



Wheelchair Facility for Users

First, identify a facility or medical clinic which are able to deal with your requirements. Seek out a medical center or evaluator who has knowledge about your particular handicap. If you have to go to a clinic or center that focuses on your impairment, do so. The valuable time you spend in traveling is absolutely nothing in comparison to the time and effort you will expend attempting to make things okay down the road.

It is not sufficient to put yourself in the hands of those who understand wheelchairs. You have to locate people who also are familiar with something about and understand your unique disability. Locate the most competent and skillful people you can to assist you with your assessment.

Get a Wheelchair Expert

Eventually you will find yourself one on one with the clinic personnel or wheelchair expert. This is your single shot to be listened to, therefore be sure you are. Don’t be timid; get those thoughts and concerns out there.

At the conclusion of the assessment, make sure to request that a copy of the clinic records be sent by mail or emailed to you. This represents the authorized results of the clinic so they can make or break you.

Professional Guidance

Whenever needed, allow the clinic staff to do their research. There could be instances when a clinic member might have to request technical or clinical guidance, research issues, contact suppliers, or seek advice from other staff members. You will discover a huge selection of wheelchairs on the market and numerous add-ons and aftermarket devices. No single person knows all of them. Take it as a great signal any time someone goes looking for info or advice. They are really carrying it out on your behalf.

There needs to be some common sense to the selections. When particular chairs or chair parts are suggested, there ought to be a good valid reason why that option was made. You need to be able to obtain clarification for each choice and all configurations opted for.

These features and component choices needs to be talked over with you for your own input. When it’s all over, you need to have a very clear image of the chair in your head.

To Each their Own

Get prepped for your preliminary appointment. Make certain that you enter this with a lot of details on hand, on a written list, or in mobile phone. Information regarding your impairment, your functional capabilities, your likes and dislikes, encounters with various wheelchairs, your home/community/work situation, leisure activities, your method of transport, caregiver issues, and inquiries about chairs and accessories you have investigated by yourself.

Details that will provide the clinic insights into your identity and what you do. It is crucial that you are regarded as a unique person with unique desires.

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