Manual wheelchairs can be a great benefit to the disabled inside the home. It helps previous bedridden individuals to be more mobile. Electric wheelchairs provide even more freedom by providing more range of motion with a lot less effort. Electric wheelchairs are a great benefit for those who have disabilities of the lower body and weakened upper bodies.

These wheelchairs provide speed and more mobility compared to regular wheelchairs. The turning radius for electric wheelchairs are much tighter and the user can operate them easier without getting too tired which allows them to do other tasks. This will increase the user confidence and give them more independence.

Basic Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs come in a number of forms, from the basic electric chair to the scooter and they are great for indoor or outdoor uses. Basic electric wheelchairs provide more mobility compared to regular manual wheelchairs, therefore the user does not have to manually propel the wheelchair.

They move the chair by simply by operating controls on the chair arm. Those with severe disabilities can have custom electric wheelchairs built that are specially designed to deal with that disability, for example a custom wheelchair for someone with little or no use of their extremities.

In recent times, almost all public places have made at least their entrances accessible to the handicapped. Virtually all parking facilities have a designated handicapped area, which is wider and allows for those with wheelchairs. Entrance doors are now much wider and automatic to provide wheelchair accessibility.

Elevators also provide wheelchair users with access to other areas in the building. Special wheelchair bathrooms have safety bars and toilets that make transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet and back much easier.

Accommodating to Public Places

Facilities like hotels and hospitals have special accessible showers installed to accommodate wheelchair users who might be visiting for extended periods. Counters are also lower to provide more accessibility to those in wheelchairs. Some larger retail stores provide an electric wheelchair or scooter with a basket that allows for convenient shopping in the store. These stores also have special checkout lanes that are lower so that the wheelchair user can easily place items on the conveyor belt and they can easily see the whole checkout process.

They can now see and make sure that no errors occur during the checkout process. Electric wheelchairs have given those who are disabled and given them a completely new lease on life by providing more independence and freedom of movement without having to constantly rely on others. Instead of being disabled, they are just differently abled.


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