Electric wheelchairs are a great alternative for disabled people who can no longer use manual wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs are great for those who are disabled or recovering but might not have the upper body strength to use a manual wheelchair.

The user will not have to exert any energy when going up inclines or elevated areas. The one drawback is that this wheelchair is pricey.

Even though they can be costly, you doctor might still recommend that you use this kind of wheelchair. In such cases, a large portion of the cost of buying an electric wheelchair might be covered by your insurance provider.

Modifying your Life

The user will also have to take other things into account besides the cost of the electric wheelchair, like the altercations that will have to be made to their home and how will it be transported and any changes you might have to make to your vehicle if you have one.

The maintenance of additional equipment like batteries and battery chargers will also have to be taken into account. Steering is usually by use of a joystick which is located on the armrest. The maneuverability will depend on the model of electric wheelchair.

The 3 Basic Models

Electric wheelchairs come in 3 basic models. First there is the rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair, which is the most traditional model but has the least maneuverability of the 3 models. Next there is the mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair. This model has the best maneuverability but it can be a bit unstable when starting or stopping.

And finally there is the front-wheel drive model electric wheelchair. It has a bit less maneuverability compared to the mid-wheel drive but is more maneuverable than the rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair and is a good compromise between the other two models.

Comparison versus Electric Wheelchairs

When they are compared to electric wheelchairs, the users have more independence as they don’t have to rely on anyone to push them. There are numerous accessories available to suit the specific needs of the users, like oxygen tank carriers and safety belts.

With the electric wheelchair, users get more freedom to carry out their daily activities than they ever could using a manual wheelchair.


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