The ease of foldable assistive technology.

Light Folding Wheelchairs

Is Foldable Better than Rigid?

Foldable wheelchairs have an advantage over rigid wheelchairs in that they allow you to fold the chair into a portable and compact shape. It really depends on what you are looking for.

Light folding wheelchairs are tailored for people that are looking for compact ability, this represents their way of life, as they will use the chair and store it in their car or storage space. These type of users need to have a foldable frame that is easy to prop open and close.

Rigid Wheelchairs are a different type of animal altogether, these types of wheelchairs are non-foldable and are usually made for active users or athletes. Rigid frames are usually welded, meaning that most of the chair is static and non-foldable.

Some Rigid Wheelchairs have the ability to fold down the backrest. Some Rigid Chairs have a quick release mechanism to allow the user to easily transport and store the chair.

Unlike Rigid Wheelchairs, light folding wheelchairs wheelchairs have moving parts and movable joints, this means that the chair may not be as durable as a rigid frame.

All of Our Chairs are Foldable

All of our Manual Wheelchairs are foldable, you can choose one by selecting different features and options that cater to your condition. We have Lightweight Wheelchairs that come standard with the folding feature, this type of chair is light and easy to fold.

Since every wheelchair we manufacture is foldable, they are all easy to fold and store in any small space. A folding frame is collapsible sideways, this is because of the cross brace beneath the seat, the X shape allows the chair to be foldable.

Features of Folding Wheelchairs?

One advantage folding wheelchairs have over rigid wheelchairs, is that a foldable frame can stored in the trunk of a vehicle without having to remove the wheels. Someone who will never be independent or has no upper body strength, or very young or old, might be aided by a folding wheelchair.

Which Type of Folding Wheelchair Is Right For Me?

The ease of foldable assistive technology.

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