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A young, wheelchair-bound man in a manual wheelchair recently made news for his amazing catch of a 250 pound lemon shark. Matt Sechrist,19 year old teenager from Florida, succeeded in catching a giant lemon shark. 

Matt, assisted by his father and friends, did something on his own that is courageous and exciting. While in his wheelchair, Sechrist locked his brakes and started a fight with a mammoth. Matt was able to make the catch after an hour long struggle! 

The 8 foot, 250 pound shark usually grows 7 to 10 feet in length and is known to be hard to detect underwater. The yellow-brown skin allows them to camouflage underwater and is known to be a dangerous predator.

This feat is only topped by the fact that the Sechrist family released the shark into the ocean after taking a photo of the catch. Something that is typically never documented after a story of this sort. "I don't want people to look at me and my disability and see what I can't do," he said. "I'd rather them see me for what I can do."

Original Story from NY Daily News 

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