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History And Evolution Of Wheelchairs

Let’s take a closer look at that contributions have caused the most notable evolution of wheelchairs? Wheelchairs not only improve the quality of life of their users but also promote their mobility. It enables them to engage in social activities and improve their physical health. What has transpired in the evolution of wheelchairs? Read more […]

Max your life while being in a wheelchair

Do you want to get the most out of your life while being in a wheelchair? Some would say what is the disadvantages for being in a wheelchair? But if you look at the glass 1/2 full, we find ourselves looking at it from a positive scope. How do we get the most in a […]

This is how we can support handicapped people

photo of pwd sign

How can we support handicapped people? Is it important to have the handicapped support to increase and advance as we are? It is not a secret that many people in the world do not feel comfortable around people that have disabilities. Even though 1 in 5 people have some kind of disability. It most certainly […]

Karman’s Complete Guide to Using a Wheelchair

How important is it to make sure that you are using a wheelchair correctly? The answer is very important for using a wheelchair! You don’t want to get hurt or injured. So lets start now. Wheelchairs are of two types such as manual (self-propelled) and electric (power). There are also special pediatric chairs available that […]

Wheelchair sports and it’s powerful revolution

Disabled people and wheelchair sports: how their wheelchair hasn’t stopped them from playing cricket/basketball/tennis First of all, wheelchair sports have initially been invented to raise awareness. This is over the campaign that disabled people have a right to play sports and participate in competitions. Today wheelchair sports are quite famous, and people who are physically […]

Ultimate Guide for Buying a Wheelchair In 2021

When buying a wheelchair, wheelchairs users do not feel confined. What matters when buying a wheelchair? An individual with paralysis can move around as quickly in a wheelchair as anyone else can by walking. Wheelchair offers people the opportunity to work or shop or do other tasks outside their home. In certain ways, a wheelchair […]

Handicapped people have achieved wonders on their wheelchairs

Everyone has adversities they encounter in their lives but not like all handicap people. It takes a lot of will power and bravery to push forward and do the work that is needed. Most require a lot of strength and a fearless attitude to go far. Handicapped people with disabilities are forced to work harder […]

Why do people call us disabled and handicapped?

Can you call us “differently-abled” or just disabled? Disability is perceived to be a sensitive topic by many. Disabled-the population is anxious over saying the wrong things out of ignorance. This silence leads to avoidance of having important conversations about disability.  There needs to be sensitivity to this. There have been various debates over the […]

11 Handicapped Probs: Public Restroom Edition (+ Disability-Related Updates)

Hey, gang. So I noticed my last disability post was at the beginning of August (eek!), but I’m not exactly brimming with ideas in that arena right … 11 Handicapped Probs: Public Restroom Edition (+ Disability-Related Updates)

Sick and disabled in the time of COVID-19

I don’t know how to explain what it feels like to watch people who you know are a higher priority for healthcare resources than you are, cavalierly … Sick and disabled in the time of COVID-19

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