Many wheelchair users are dissatisfied that their brand new wheelchairs don’t “feel” like their long used ones. Actually, a number of owners are so disheartened that their new wheelchairs don’t at first feel like their outdated ones that, in just a matter of minutes of usage, they park their gleaming, brand new, advanced wheelchairs in the corner, never to make use of them ever again.

Unfortunately, would it be realistic to anticipate that a brand new wheelchair could instantly feel just like one you’ve utilized for many years, as comfy as your timeworn one?



Brand New Wheelchair

Obviously not, the fact is, a brand new wheelchair will without a doubt feel different compared to one that you’ve utilized for many years. Wheelchairs in addition to seating, grow to be an integral part of us with time. Not only do we get accustomed to the way a specific wheelchair functions and handles, but the seating and setting up features break-in and mold to us, making all-around convenience – that is, with time, our wheelchairs gradually grow to be extensions of us.

Switching Wheelchairs to a New One

Whenever we switch wheelchairs – irrespective of a totally newer model, or choosing the identical model – it’s not possible for them to feel like the kind we’ve used to for many years. To begin with, most users are only qualified to receive a brand new wheelchair every 5 years, which happens to be such a long time frame that wheelchair innovation advances frequently which makes it impossible to replace a current wheelchair with one that’s exactly the same in every way.

Consequently, you can’t plan to change from one wheelchair innovation to a different one without a “comfort curve”, where you basically require time to adapt to a brand new wheelchair and its features.

Current Wheelchair to Future Chair

Next, although you changed a current wheelchair with one that’s an apparently identical type, it still typically won’t feel quite the same as the one utilized for many years. Elements such as seating to placement straps to wheel bearings, etc, will take time to break-in, therefore getting a brand new wheelchair seems like donning a brand new, inflexible leather jacket rather than slipping into one utilized for many years.

Because of this, there’s a break-in method to wheelchairs, where your body as well as the wheelchair will take time to become one again.

Old Wheelchair to New Wheelchair

It can take up to several week to break in a new wheelchair and become comfortable with the new shape and functions.

For that reason, the very next time that you get a brand new wheelchair that feels “different,” don’t disregard it in just a couple hours of usage, reverting back to your outdated wheelchair because of familiarity. In any case, the underlying reason why you got a brand new wheelchair is probably because you are looking for utmost dependability, functionality, as well as self-reliance, therefore don’t toss aside such favorable traits according to first feelings.

When you commit yourself to this essential adaptation time period, you undoubtedly will end up with a brand new wheelchair that doesn’t remain in a corner, but will take your ability to move to new heights of freedom and eventually fits as perfectly as the old one.