Inventor and entrepreneur Allan R Thieme invented the first mobility scooter in 1968 called the Amigo. Since then people with mobility issues have enjoyed the convenience and the popularity of the scooters have increased dramatically worldwide.

Thieme invented the Amigo to help one of his family members. Scooters are expensive but they are one of the most important and sought-after pieces of equipment by those with mobility problems.

High-Tech, Sophisticated

Mobility scooters were considered the most sophisticated devices on the market in the 1970s.  Not only was it very expensive then, it was considered to be a futuristic device. Nowadays they are more common than ever before, but there are some setbacks that are keeping it from its full potential.

Professor Charles Xavier of the Xmen fame used a mobility scooter. Many believe that the mobility scooter used by Professor Xavier will be available soon.

Mobility scooters are considered expensive by today’s standards and are beyond the price for most disabled individuals.

Basic Features Of Mobility Scooters

Similar to wheelchairs, mobility scooters help disabled people to become mobile. Even those who can still walk a bit can take advantage of the mobility range that they offer.

Similar to wheelchairs, mobility scooters are a device where users can sit down. The user can travel many places while sitting.

Regular wheelchairs are usually powered by the user, but mobility scooters are powered by electricity or gas. Electric powered mobility scooters are most suitable for the indoors. Mobility scooters are expensive to develop and maintain because charging uses lots of electricity.

Gas powered mobility scooter do not use up much electricity. They are popular because they use gas similar to other vehicles. Mobility scooters are increasingly receiving criticism because of the emission issues.

Where To Buy Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can be purchased at most wheelchair and device retailers in most cities. You can also order directly from many manufacturers. They also do custom mobility scooter to perfectly match your specific needs.

You can find many retailers and distributors online. If you are thinking about ordering mobility scooters form such facilities, simply log on to their website or take a look at the numerous brochures that are available. Of course online purchases will require a credit card or some other type of electronic payment.

Some mobility scooters are offered for those disabled person who can still walk but not for extended distances.  They are available in electric or gasoline powered.


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