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At a young age, children are curious, full of energy, and eager to explore the unknown. However, wheelchair-bound kids might react differently due to limitation, insecurity, and sensitivity but that should not stop them from enjoying their childhood.

Below are some fun activities to do while spending time with wheelchair-bound children:

  1.  Arts & Crafts - Drawing, painting and making DIY projects are enjoyable activities for young children to let their imagination and creativity run wild without any limitation
  1.  Sports & Exercises – Play certain sports while taking in consideration of the children’s condition can still be fun. Wheelchair yoga exercises are also great to do.
  1.  Play Pretend – This is always a fun and creative activity to do and there is no age limitation to play.
  1.  Games – No matter if it is playing cards, board games, or a made up game, wheelchair-bound kids will not be left out when playing with a group of people.
  1.  Wheelchair Art – This is a great way to make wheelchair- bound children feel excited to live in their imagination. Turn their wheelchair into a Batmobile or a princess throne. The sky is the limit!

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