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The ongoing popularity of using fitness trackers (and watches) have been on the rise with a wide range of products for users to choose from in order to guide them to stay healthy. Most fitness watches comes with standard features such as keeping track of your heartbeat and keeping track of the amount of steps per day. For a wheelchair user, they might want to find a fitness tracker cater towards their needs. Fitness trackers are still continuing to improve on accommodating towards wheelchair users but as for now, the ones listed below are the ones to consider and to keep an eye on.


Apple iWatch

Apple has added wheelchair features for wheelchair users by incorporating different pushing techniques for varying speeds, wheelchair workouts, and a Time to Roll notification that alert users to take a break and push around. Click here to find out more information about the features.


Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex is a fitness tracker that keeps track of wheelchair movements as “steps” along with other features such as calorie burn and sleeping patterns. It does not have a  screen like most fitness trackers and watchers. Instead, it is a simple wrist band that you wear. To find out daily progress, you sync the information onto a smartphone to view the information.



Freewheel is a  bespoke app that is design specifically for  wheelchair users to keep track of their fitness. It is still going through development but you can click here to watch the video to see what the app will be offering.




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