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House Pets for Wheelchair Users
When people think of house pets they think of just cats and dogs. That is not the case because there are hundreds of choices of pets you can get from a snake to a dog. Since wheelchair users may be homebound a little longer than everyone else it is a good idea for a wheelchair user to get a pet. If you already have a pet it does not hurt to get another or get another wheelchair user you may know a pet. In this article, we will go over different popular pets that you could get today. Some of the suggestions you find in this article might ring a bell so stay tuned.

A Lizard
A lizard can be very cool to earn because it’s not just the fact that you can brag about it but you actually have one. Because they are reptiles they require special care if you want to make sure they are well. Besides having an escape-proof aquarium you will need some extra stuff like a heating source, the substrate for the bottom of the tank, some food of course, and a thermostat to measure the tanks temperature, and you can’t forget the furniture that the lizard can play around in.

A Dog
A dog is maybe the most common suggestion you can think of. There is a lot of dog breeds that can be in the house and will not wreck havoc in your dojo. You can go the traditional route and get a small dog. Small dogs tend to bar more and sometimes tend to be more aggressive so keep that in mind. Dogs are arguably the most loyal pets you can own that is why they are a mans best friend. You can also train them easily and you can’t really train a reptile. Plus, you can also get a service dog and the dog will bring that much more value.

A Hamster 

If you do not wish to spend a lot of money then a hamster is a viable pet to get. They also do not require a lot of maintenance. If you have children it can also teach them how to start taking care of their first pet. They do love to be up at night so don’t be surprised when you randomly hear your hamster start exercising on there running wheel. They are nocturnal so you do not have to worry much about feeding them during the day mostly at night unless you leave the food in the morning for the whole day or they get hungry. They also rarely bite unless you scare them and your hand happens to smell like food.

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