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Fun Activities for Seniors
Seniors tend to be more home bound then younger aged adults. For this reason, they might get bored from time to time and don’t know any cool ideas to try. If you are a caregiver then you might know the struggle of coming up with activities for seniors to participate in. For the most part, they do enjoy participating in most activities. If you do not know this struggle then you do not spend enough time with your grandparents. Spend some time with them and you will realize they aren’t really outgoing anymore like the use to but that does not mean they can’t have fun in these activities. In this article, we will go over different ideas you can try with your senior or seniors if you are a caregiver and take care of multiple seniors.

The Internet
The world wide web is something seniors do not excel in which helps build their interest. There is so much you can do on the internet the possibilities are endless. You can show them locations through Google Maps and where they came from to see if it looks any different from when they lived there to now. You can also play some computer games with maybe some games they use to like when they were kids because the internet can simulate a lot of these games easily.


Board Games
The sound of playing board games may not sound like too much for the average adult. Most seniors love to play strategy board games like domino's or checkers. Both of these board games are actually fun and will build a stronger bond between you and your senior. Of course, there are a lot more games then these two so you can click here for board games on sale from Amazon.
Write a Letter
Writing a letter may be outdated but since the idea of writing a letter is a fossil idea then it can be a fun thing. Write multiple letters surprise many people with the senior. Maybe they would like to write to some old friends that they have not spoken to in years. They also might want to write to their children and surprise them. Let the senior give it a shot at writing the letter and just provide some guidance if they need it.
Promote creativity to them because creativity helps them continue to express themselves even though they are seniors already. Maybe paint something or draw something. Be creative with the way and maybe finger paint and get a little paint on them. Finger paint or regular paint materials are not expensive at all and can be bought almost anywhere. Here is a link if you want to buy them online instead of going out and buying them yourself. Make sure you get them a canvas also so they have something to paint or draw on.


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