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Drinking Healthy for the Wheelchair User
Since wheelchair users sometimes do not exercise then wheelchair users can certainly still stay healthy when they eat right and we can’t forget to eat right. Soda and shakes are not only the best liquids to drink but you most likely know they are not the best when it comes to the health factor. There is obviously alternatives to drinking a couple of cans of coca cola a day but today we will save you your time and energy. Some of the drinks that are going to be featured will not be the most appealing but they are the most appealing to your body.
Green Tea
This drink is fairly common but is more common for older people the younger do not have the patience to wait for to cool down and a drinkable temperature. This drink has various benefits from fighting disease to giving you valuable benefits. Some of these benefits includeDrinking Healthy
• Reduce risk of osteoporosis
• Fights cancer
• Fights heart disease
• Helps prevent cavities
• Contains fluoride which helps to strengthen teeth
One percent reduced-fat milk
Everyone, for the most part, has tasted the milk and a lot of athletes from the Paralympics drink milk as well even though it is probably muscle milk it is still milk. There are various choices of milk out there and some are better than others depending on your preference. You can mix in this fat-free milk with almost anything and drink it every day. We all know cereal needs the milk so now you can try it with reduced fat 1% milk. Here are some benefits of drinking this milk.
• Curbs cravingsDrinking milk
• Stabilizes blood sugar levels
• Calcium consumption 
• Helps protect against osteoporosis
Soy milk
If you have tasted milk then you have most likely tasted soy milk. They are almost virtually the same but of course, soy milk does not come from the cow itself. If you are lactose intolerant then soy milk is the best alternative to adding to your everyday bowl of cereal or your milk that is needed with your plate of cookies. They also have tons of flavors in soy milk and the most popular ones are almond and vanilla. Some benefits of drinking soy milk include this.
• Lowers risk of heart disease
• Lowers bad cholesterol levels drinking soy milk
• Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
• May higher risk of breast cancer
Orange Juice
Right after milk orange juice is the most common drink there is on this list. They sell it literally everywhere and even fast food places sell it but you already know that. You do not have to go out and buy some because you can make it yourself by just using oranges themselves. If you have an orange tree then you must be drinking orange juice on the daily. Here are some benefits you may or may not know.
Helps prevent cancersdrinking orange juice
• Birth defects
• Boosts immunity 
• Vitamin c
• Helps prevent cataracts




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