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Beaches for the Wheelchair-Bound
When it comes to beaches everyone loves to go and have fun. There are many beaches you can too because we kind of are surrounded by water so that means there is a bunch of beaches around. Wheelchair-bound users may think that there are not many wheelchair friendly beaches. We are here to prove otherwise today with some great wheelchair friendly beaches you can vacation to unless you live near it.

The west coast is home to many wells know places like LA and Hollywood. There is more to it than just these heavily popular places. The beaches the west coast has to offer and of course, they have wheelchair friendly beaches as well. Santa Monica is one of the most fun and popular beaches on the west coast. They offer different ramps to help you and the pier is easily accessible and has different restaurants you can try. There is also pier vendors and performers which is pretty cool if you have never seen a street performer.

Manly beach is our choice from Australia and as the name suggests it is not only for men so rest assured. It is, of course, a very accessible beach and there is plenty to do here. They have cafes, places to eat, and also some shops. They also offer beach wheelchairs if you happen to forget your wheelchair at home. Of course, Australia is pretty far from most of us but that does not mean we can’t go. Since the country is completely surrounded by water then the amount of beaches is endless.


Florida is home to the world’s biggest Disneyland and the Miami Heat basketball team. Key Largo in Florida is accessible through ramps and also wooden walkways to ensure smooth pass through. The biggest appeal of this beach is the ability to go snorkeling and diving. Wheelchair users can also go and try this with the help of some companies that are local that outfit the wheelchair users for underwater experiences. This sounds very exciting for the disabled because disabled people will not have to miss out.

Cancun which is located in Mexico has the most stunning scenery you will probably witness and see with your own eyes. It’s known to be a honeymoon spot as well as a hot spot for vacations. The wheelchair accessibility may contribute to the popularity because their paths are very wide and they also have plenty of boardwalks. If you take a vacation to this place then you should also take a trip to their private beaches that you may get access to.



We saved the most accessible for last which is located in Loutraki, Greece. This resort is called the sirens resort and has the best wheelchair experience because of the great accommodations they have. They even have dedicated rooms just for wheelchair users that feature a rolling shower. The walkways are also pretty wide and one of the best features would be the epic bridge that extends into the sea!


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