You are getting all dolled up to head out to the club, dressed great, looking hot and you get together with your friends and head out to the club. This is a fairly simple process for an able bodied person but can be fairly challenging for a wheelchair user. The easy part is getting dolled up, but it is a bit more challenging finding a club that is fully accessible. The tips below will help you and your friends enjoy a night out at the club.

Find an Accessible Club

Even though there are nightclubs everywhere, many of them are not accessible. Begin by doing an online search for a club that you might want to visit. Give the club a call and talk to a manager or even staff to find out which parts of the club are accessible and if you have to use any special entrances. Take a look at the exterior and interior pictures of the club.

Most clubs that are two or more floors often have steep stairs and don’t have accessible elevators. You will also need to be aware of where the washrooms are if they are accessible and if they are on a different floor which might not be accessible. Move on to the next club if there are major accessible issues.

Crowded Clubs

Maneuverability can be challenging in a crowded club and it could get a bit claustrophobic at times for a wheelchair user. To avoid the crowded feeling, pick a less crowded point on the outskirts of the crowded dance floor.

Beware of Drunks

You will inevitably come across a drunk or two at the club. They could be dangerous, especially if they don’t see you and a fall or injury can easily occur. Avoid them where possible and move out of their way if you see them coming. Don’t be afraid to use your voice or hand signals to get noticed.

Friends to the Rescue

If you are in a wheelchair it is better to go clubbing with at least one friend but preferably in a group. Friends can help you navigate through the crowds, help you find hidden spots and help you stay out of trouble. Your friends will help you find a spot where the whole group can enjoy the club and you don’t feel like they are babysitting you. If you need to go up or down stairs, your friends can even help you do that by lifting your wheelchair.

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