picking the best gloves for children

Do you have a child who is a wheelchair user? You probably know how challenging it is to get a good pair of pediatric wheelchair gloves. There aren’t my wheelchair gloves made just for children. Children’s wheelchair gloves are a very small market compared to the adult wheelchair glove market. There are very few makers for children’s wheelchair gloves and even less dealers of them.

If by some miracle you do find gloves for kids, they disintegrate fairly quickly because of synthetic and other inferior materials. The benefit though is that they do stretch to fit different hand sizes. Kids keep growing and often outgrow their gloves even before they fall apart.

So, where do you go and what do you look for in a pediatric wheelchair glove?

Look for wheelchair gloves that are made from leather, because kids wear things out quickly, be it toys, clothes and especially their wheelchair gloves. Therefore, inferior quality gloves made from synthetic materials will fall apart quickly. Good quality leather is much more durable and will last a lot longer compared to the synthetic ones you see everywhere.

Kids are always growing and sometimes their hands can go through growth spurts. Therefore, you will need to find children’s wheelchair gloves, which can adjust and will grow with your child’s hands. If not you will have to be buying gloves fairly often.

Protecting your child’s hand is important, so gloves should do that and also help them when they are pushing their wheelchair. Look for wheelchair gloves that have grip pads on the palm. Without some kind of grip pad in the palm, it might be impossible for your child to push themselves in their wheelchair.

Looking good is also very important as kids can be very finicky about what they wear. If it doesn’t look good, they will never wear it! So even if you have the best gloves ever made for kids, if it doesn’t look good you will never get them to wear them.

Should you take cost into account when buying wheelchair gloves for kids? Yes and no. If the gloves fall apart quickly, you are only wasting your money and buying them won’t be worth it. But, if you find a quality pair of kid’s gloves, just like buying a great pair of shoes, paying a bit more should not be a problem.


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