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Google Maps has stepped up a notch from being the most reliable navigator to being a valuable tool for people who uses wheelchairs (as well as mobility aids, and strollers). Last year, it added a feature that tells people if a location is wheelchair accessible.

How to see if a location is wheelchair accessible:

  1. Enter the location on the Google Maps app
  2. Click on the description of the location page
  3. Under the “amenities” tab, if a location is wheelchair accessible it will appear under this tab


A group of Google team members  took an advantage of the company’s 20 percent policy to create the simple yet beneficial tool. The 20 percent policy is when employees spend spend 20% each day to develop their own personal project that might benefit the company. In the past, the 20 percent policy created Google's well known services such as Gmail, Google News, and Adsense.  Wheelchair accessible locations were gathered  from Google’s “Local Guides,” where users contribute location information.

The additional feature will benefit people in many ways in their everyday life. As more locations provide wheelchair accessible information on the amenities tab, the more convenient for people who uses wheelchairs  (as well as mobility aids and strollers) to be aware of wheelchair friendly locations when planning their destinations. As for now, wheelchair accessible information is only available on Google Maps app.


via The Verge

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