Some wheelchairs are motorized but most are powered by the user. Wheelchairs can provide a freedom that can be life changing.

The majority of people who have to use a wheelchair suffer from some kind of disability, which is usually a result of an accident or a medical condition. But wheelchairs have helped many disabled people regain some of their independence and mobility.

They can do many activities such as going shopping, going to work, and even playing sports. Many famous people can still enjoy rewarding careers while being in a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Accessibility Growing Strong

Today’s society has made many adjustments to accommodate wheelchair users by making public areas and buildings much more accessible. Many public places even offer wheelchair rentals for those who can’t walk for long distances or maybe not at all.

People with disabilities can make use of these wheelchairs or even mobility scooters to go shopping with ease and comfort. Also, many transit systems now accommodate wheelchairs with wider entrances that allow easy entrance and exits. This makes getting around the city much easier for the wheelchair user.

Can You Self-Propel?

Wheelchair users who actually propel themselves often generate great upper body strength just by pushing themselves around daily. But, some wheelchair users like quadriplegics are unable to use their arms.

Some users don’t have someone accompanying them 24 hours a day and this is where motorized wheelchairs can come in very handy. These wheelchairs are usually identifiable by the joystick located on the armrest of the electrical wheelchair.

Specific Power Wheelchair

Wheelchairs can also be controlled in other ways like voice command or head movements which are ideal for users who have very little to no control of their arms.

Although these models are rare and very expensive, there is a trend in the wheelchair market to have chairs that have better and safer controls, which will more independence to more disabled people who might just need a little extra help.

It is great to see how advances in technology and more awareness in society have come together to help those with disabilities enjoy all the opportunities and freedoms that able bodied people currently enjoy. You can do your part when you are out and about by helping someone with a disability that might need temporary assistance.


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