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What kind of activities for wheelchair users are there? Well it definitely goes beyond just exercises. For wheelchair users, adjusting to life in the wheelchair can be very difficult. Many users face depression and anxiety, having thoughts that life, as they know, is now over. 

If you are finding it difficult to adjust to your new life in the wheelchair or know someone who is, we believe you will find this article very informative and helpful. In this article, you will find many exciting outdoor and indoor activities for wheelchair users that will help you get back out there and enjoy your life to the fullest once again.

You might come across a few activities for wheelchair users who are not for the faint-hearted. Do not worry in case you hesitate to give them a try. We hope that our list will get your mind focused on the subject and open up a world full of possibilities which did not come into consideration previously. So, let us get started and take a closer look at all the activities for wheelchair users that can benefit you today!

Indoor Wheelchair Friendly Activities

Special thanks to the American With Disabilities Act of 1990 for not only offering tons of fun wheelchair accessible activities but also protecting people with disabilities from being discriminated against where employment opportunities were concerned and at the same time ensuring access to public spaces. 

This law has created virtually endless possibilities concerning wheelchair accessible activities. Following are a few examples:

Museums and Art Galleries

Let’s begin with the most obvious. Thanks to the law mentioned above, museums and art galleries are all wheelchair friendly. You will have no trouble getting in, moving around, and taking a look at all the wonders these places hold in them.

Either you go alone or with your family and friends. It’s one of the most common elderly wheelchair activities.

Arts and Crafts

Do you have a creative talent in you? Why not bring out your creative expression through sketching, painting, scrapbook making, and sculpture. There are plenty of things around us and some beautiful memories to draw inspiration from. With the attitude to embrace challenges and proper motivation, you are all set to prepare your next best work of art.

Team Sports

Wheelchair users can play almost every sportsperson play without wheelchairs. It’s only a matter of finding a wheelchair sports team for yourself in your locality, which can be a real challenge, so you must do some searching if you’re serious about playing.

As already said, it can be any sport. Below are a few options:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Aqua Golf
  • And more!

You will need to buy some equipment to play, and most of these sports will require you to purchase a specific wheelchair or maybe an electric wheelchair.

This, of course, depends on exactly what sport you are interested in playing. It is obvious that not all these sports are indoor activities; however, there are plenty of indoor sports activities which we have listed below section.

Learning a Foreign Language

Extend your vocabulary, improve your cognitive abilities, and boost your memory by learning a foreign language. Knowing an extra language is a plus point while you travel as it helps in getting around and making new friends.

Playing adaptive games and board games.

Adaptive games and board games are not just fun. Still, games such as chess, scrabble, bingo, monopoly, Uno, etc., play a vital role in strengthening interaction, creativity, mental sharpness, and problem-solving skills. Not only this, but these games also improve eye-hand coordination.

Outdoor Activities for Wheelchair Users

Several wheelchair users, specifically those who have only recently had mobility issues, do not realize how many outdoor activities are there for them to enjoy. We have shortlisted a few activities, which will become a starting point to get your mind revolving around the subject. 

In reality, there are many outdoor activities you will find the more you search. There is no limit to the things you can enjoy. Below are a few examples:

Wheelchair Hiking Trails


Mazes are an option and amongst the most unusual and interesting activities that a lot of wheelchair users don’t even consider. These offer a safe, structured, and controlled environment that is easy to navigate in a wheelchair whilst enjoying the sun. Besides, solving mazes is a fun mental exercise.  

Hiking in a wheelchair might seem unrealistic, but in actuality, there are plenty of wheelchairs accessible hiking trails spread all across the country. While you thought that your days of enjoying the great outdoors were over, think about it now!

Most state-owned and national parks have websites that will guide you on which trails are wheelchair-friendly. Therefore, planning a family trip is just a matter of a few seconds. This becomes one of the most enjoyable family-oriented wheelchair activities.

Fruit Picking

There are several farms in outlying areas of most cities and towns, just a bit of research will make you lucky enough to discover a few more. A few of these farms allow individuals to pick their fruit or produce by the basket. 

Once you have picked your fill, you and your family can go home and turn these fruits you’ve picked into something delicious. It’s a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and at the same time, get something of practical value.

It is one of the most fascinating outdoor activities on our list, which is every bit enjoyable on your own or with your friends and family. So anytime you have free time, head to the maze nearest you and have fun.


Unlike other wheelchair activities that are only applicable to adults, Boating is great for people of all ages, especially children. Most charter companies have expertise in accommodating people with mobility issues. They will be happier to give you your friends, and your family a once in a lifetime experience below the sun and above the water that you will not forget so soon.

In case you have never been boating before, make sure to pick some antihistamine, just in case. Since there is no turning back once you are on the water and you discover that you are prone to motion sickness.

Paddle Boarding

You may have thought paddleboarding was off the table, but it’s not! Considering there are numerous fun and exciting activities for adults with mobility issues, paddleboarding is a fun and relaxing way to spend some time on the water with your friends and family. 

In case you are not familiar with them, paddleboards are bigger than surfboards and are wide enough to be modified to accommodate a wheelchair mounted right on the board. So next time someone asks you for a paddleboard ride, do not hesitate and enjoy your day out to the fullest. 

Final Thoughts

This article was just to give an idea as to how a person with mobility issues can spend his day both indoor and outdoor. There are tons of great indoor and outdoor activities for wheelchair users, and our list hardly covers them all. Most of the activities mentioned here are suitable for users of any age.

You do not need to worry if some of the stuff we’ve talked about here is not your cup of tea. There are many exciting wheelchair-bound activities to select from. Life has not ended for you just because you are not as mobile as you used to be. These few ideas are proof that a disabled person can also enjoy his life to the fullest as other people do.