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Art and How You can get Involved
There are many ways someone can appreciate art and it’s different forms. If you have gone to an art museum then you will know how beautiful art can be. The best part of art is that anyone can get involved even if you happen to be wheelchair bound. There are museums across the nation and most of them are wheelchair friendly so everyone can appreciate the art it has. If you want to become an artist then you will probably agree that art is a creative way of expressing yourself. Involvement in the art can also become sort of a hobby because you can start to become an artist as well as regularly visiting different museums. Since the barrier to get involved is low you can get your friends involved in it also.
In this article, we will explain different ways you can start to get involved with art. Since we will not go into great details you will get links to other articles that have more detailed information on specific topics. Google can also serve as your best friend when you need more detailed information on anything, not just art articles.

Do You Need a Degree to Start?
The short answer is no since it is going to be a hobby. If you wish to turn it into more than a hobby then a would be smart to earn a degree although it is not necessary. All you really need is a little bit of creativity and passion. You do not need to start painting and drawing. You can just start going to art museums and get your passion started for art.


For the route that you wish to not become an artist then you can GOOGLE museums near you and start there. Make sure you know what time they close and what time they open. Something else to keep in mind is if they are wheelchair friendly. That would be the most important mental note to keep when you are searching different options. Some of them also have guided tours for disabled people and tours just in general it all depends on the one you choose to go to.

If you wish to become an artist but in a hobby way then you do not need that many materials. Going to museums will inspire you to try different things. Looking it up online will also but seeing it in person will be more efficient since you have in-person contact. Here we will include a list of different starting materials you might want to consider in your newly found journey to become an artist.

1. Drawing Pencils of High Quality
2. Sketchbook
3. Drawing Surfaces
4. Various Erasers
5. Very Good Pencil Sharpener
6. Charcoal or Conte
7. Felt Tip Pen
8. Blending Stumps

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