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Driving in a wheelchair

For wheelchair users driving a car can sometimes be a dream. Relying on help can be dreadful for wheelchairs because of the needed consistency. Although there are vehicle modifications you can get for some cars they are specifically designed vehicles for the wheelchair users. One company that has a vehicle specially designed for wheelchair users is Kenguru. In this article, you will be informed of the specialized vehicle they have and also what the company does. You will also learn about some alternatives to the pricey Kenguru model.



The price of this wheelchair friendly vehicle is around $20,000 and is fully electric. The small car can be charged overnight and travel 60 miles just on that charge. A downfall is that the top speed is only 25 miles per hour so the freeway is not an ideal path to take to the grocery store. One of the biggest advantages is the wheelchair itself can be rolled into the car with ease because of a button a single button. This feature sets it apart from driving a regular car because when you drive a regular car you must transition yourself into the chair and drag the wheelchair behind you and all of this can be very difficult with someone that does not have much upper body strength. The current model they have developed is only suitable for manual wheelchair users. You do not need to be an expert in the vehicle to be able to drive it because it is very easy to drive since it is electric. The next model they will develop is going to be a motorized friendly version since a lot of wheelchair users tend to have motorized wheelchairs as well.





If you click here you will read an article that will also explain little why the company started and how it started. If you can’t afford this vehicle then you can always get modifications for your current vehicle if it is available. Go to your nearest custom mobility shop. Some examples of vehicle modifications include, rear entry vehicle, raised door opening, raised roof, custom gull-wing door, custom oil over vehicle lift, reverse door, and person lift. Of course, there is more but these are just some examples of what you can get done to your vehicle. They also have various price points for each modification you choose and it varies from shop to shop.

A great website that informs you well on a wide variety of vehicle modifications is automotive mobility solutions. Everything they sell they have more in-depth information on it. You can also buy pre-made vehicles with wheelchair modifications. Check the website out if you want a better understanding of any modifications. Don’t rush into anything remember to take your time and research everything and maybe even try someone else’s modified vehicle to see if its right for you.


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