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By law, people with disabilities are ensured equal opportunities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination based on disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, telecommunications, commercial facilities, and state and local government. Along with the Americans with Disabilities Act, each state has their own laws regarding disability rights. The following resources will help you learn about the disability rights laws in your state.

Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program

Alaska Disability Law Center

Arizona Center For Disability Law

Connecticut Disability Laws and Benefits

Delaware Disabilities Law Program

District of Columbia Disability Law Center

Georgia Disability and Mental Health

Hawaii Disability Rights Center

Illinois Disability Rights

Iowa Disability Law Resources

Kansas Disability Rights Center

Kentucky Office of Disabilities

Maine Disability Law Resources

Massachusetts Disability Law Center

Michigan Disability Law Resources

Minnesota Disability Law Center

Missouri Disability Information

Montana Disability Rights

Nevada Disability Law Center

New Hampshire Disabilities Rights Center

New Jersey Disability Laws

New York Disability & Health Laws

North Carolina Disability Rights

North Dakota Disability Services

Oklahoma Disability Law Center

Oregon Disability Rights

Pennsylvania Disability Rights Network

Rhode Island Disability Law Center

South Carolina Disability Law Resources

Tennessee Disability Law Center

Texas Disability Law Resources

Utah Disability Law Center

Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights

Virginia Disability Rights Services

Washington Disability Rights Laws

West Virginia Disability Laws

Wisonconsin Disability Law

Wyoming Disability Laws

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