So you’ve gotten used to always having anti-tippers on the back of your wheelchair to prevent an injury, so what happens if you want to remove them and ride around without anti tippers? There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to riding your wheelchair without anti tippers.

Since you are used to having the anti tippers, you didn’t need to worry about tipping over backwards because you knew that your anti tipper bars would provide support if you leaned back on your chair. But without that safety feature, you will feel a lot different about jumping up a curve or leaning back to grab something.

Wheelchair Center of Gravity is Important 

The most important thing to learn about removing anti tippers and using the chair without them, is to have a great feeling of the wheelchair’s center of gravity. The center of gravity dictates how sensitive the balance of your wheelchair is. If the center of gravity is in a true position, then it should be a bit difficult to tip the chair over backwards.

In order to learn how to use a wheelchair without anti tippers, you may want to practice before going out on a ride. The best suggestion I’ve found online is to line up your wheelchair while seated in front of a couch that is low enough off the ground to allow your wheelchair to sit against the cushions.

You can try pulling the chair backwards onto the couch to practice balancing the wheelchair with the front wheels in the air. The couch would work as a safety net to prevent you from falling over backwards. (NOTE: This is not recommended in general because it could cause injury, we do not suggest or recommend trying this, this is only a suggestion found online from wheelchair users.)


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