Wheelchairs are a great way to provide mobility to those who are unable or have a difficult time walking because of illness, injury or disability. They can help people regain independence and move around relatively easy and lead active lifestyles.

There are different kinds of wheelchairs on the market to meet the needs of disabled users, like the manual wheelchair, power wheelchair and electric wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs, like the name suggests, are wheelchairs that can be propelled by the user’s hands whereas electric wheelchairs use motors for propulsion. Manual wheelchairs have simpler functions and are much less expensive compared to electric wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs can be folded and stored in smaller spaces such as a car trunk.

Operating an Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are east to use and operate and can increase the user’s independence and make them less dependent on others. They have better maneuverability and suspension and they absorb the bumps in uneven terrain better than manual wheelchairs. It is always recommended that you try out an electric wheelchair before you make the final purchase.

Every disability is different and users should choose a chair with controls that are best suited for their physical disability. Electric wheelchairs are very customizable to almost any physical disability, so the user has an almost endless selection of options.

Power Wheelchairs are Ideal for Assistance

Wheelchair users should have chairs that are accessible, comfortable and easy to move and operate. The power wheelchair has changed the lives of millions of users. They offer the user the freedom to easily go from one location to another without have to depend on anyone else for help. Power wheelchairs are ideal for those who have arm, hand or shoulder disability and find it difficult to operate a manual wheelchair. The user operates a joystick to control speed and direction of the chair. The user like reclining and tilting and elevating the seat and legs can also operate other functions.

With the many advancements in technology, wheelchairs are used for more than just getting from one place to another. Wheelchairs today can now allow users to take part in sports like downhill racing, skiing, basketball, tennis and much more. Each sport has wheelchairs that are specifically designed to suit the needs of the sport, with the main emphasis being on speed and agility.

User Requirements for Medical Equipment

Wheelchairs come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors and you will be able to find one that meets your exact requirements. Equipment such as wheelchair lifts, ramps and special wheelchair vans allow wheelchair bound individuals to lead an independent lifestyle. Safety must always be paramount irrespective of the type of wheelchair or wheelchair accessory being used.


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