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When you end up in a wheelchair, the first thing that might come to mind is how do you accept the life-changing event in your life. Learning that you will have to utilize a wheelchair for your daily mobility may seem dreadful or hard to grasp. In the beginning, it is not an easy chance to accept.

For instance, people who were born with a physical condition have learned to cope with their conditions. Many of the people in this category would have found solutions so they can manage to live independently and get through their daily task. Some people become aware later in life that they will need to begin to adjust themselves in a wheelchair due to health complications. In this scenario, these people have experienced the ability to walk and may hit a stage of frustration and question life in comparison to the life they lived before. And then there those who are suddenly in need of a wheelchair due to an accident. They tend to be ones that experience the most intense anger.

All situations vary; however, in many occasions it isn’t the loss of mobility that causes negative emotion but the idea of social isolation and judgment. However, with time, patience, and positive attitude, you will learn how to change your perspective and adapt to your surroundings with a wheelchair.

When you are a new wheelchair user, the first thing you would do is figure out how to use it in your daily life. You will spend time getting to know the foreign object and learn how to adjust your lifestyle based on your limitations. It will take some time and definitely some time to get used to the new changes. However, once you become familiar with your new living situations, you are one step closer to coping with the lack of mobility.

The idea of using a wheelchair may feel like you are losing your freedom from being independent. It may also cloud your judgment about who you are and feeling unsure about yourself. Feeling sad, frustrated, and anger are natural emotions. However, instead of keeping it to yourself, share your feelings by writing them down in a journal or expressing verbally to a friend or family member. Surround yourself with accepting open-minded people who will increase the chances of your overcoming any negative emotional stages. Finding a community or support group also helps you realize that you are not alone. Even though it will not improve your physical state, it will give you the validation that you need to be able to accept the changes that are happening.

Expectations are perspectives of how we see the world. If we see it from a perspective, it is not as bad as it seems. When people are faced with a new transition in their life, they tend to see it from a negative perspective because of the changes that they would have to face. Find the appropriate balance. Expect new challenges. Face mistakes and failures. This will not only help you adjust to your new lifestyle but also become a stronger individual. Relearning activities with a wheelchair is trial and error that allows you to find the best way for you. Not everything will be smooth in the beginning but once you overcome the obstacle, things will fall into place to become a comfortable situation.

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