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Accessmap is an online mapping tool for walking directions for people with limited mobility. What makes it different from Google and Apple maps and all the other navigation maps? Accessmap notifies pedestrians about information on curb cuts, safe crossings, construction sites, and sidewalks disruptions. This lets people with limited mobility take the best comfortable route to get to their destination.

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When inputting the starting point and end destination, the mapping tool allows you to customized the type of route you are looking for. This includes the level of hill steepness, encountering construction sites, and finding curb ramps.

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Unlike the rest of the navigation maps, it is only currently available online which requires you to use a desktop. Apps for mobile devices are currently unavailable.

The map only currently works in Seattle, Washington. There are ten other major cities they are targeting to include in the future. Below are the list of the cities to keep an eye for:

Future Cities for Accessmap

  1.  New York
  2.  Washington, DC
  3.  Boston
  4.  Chicago
  5.  San Francisco
  6.  Portland
  7.  Pittsburgh
  8.  Denver
  9.  Philadelphia
  10.  Atlanta



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