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Going to College in a Wheelchair

If you are in a wheelchair and you want to continue your education then this article is aimed to help you continue that education. Everyone has the same chance at college whether you are in a wheelchair or not. It depends on your willpower and your motivation to keep your education going. Many schools across the United States offer wheelchair users special ramps and lifts to help the students navigate through the whole campus with ease. Getting a degree can help you find a better paying job or it can also help you advance in your current job if you are currently working. It may be costly to attend college but in summary, the government offers many grants and scholarships to help disabled people continue their education. All you need to do is fill out the forms the financial aid office gives you and pick and choose which ones you think you are eligible to receive.

Picking a School

When it comes t picking a school it’s usually which school has the program that you are looking for and of course if you are eligible to attend. The difference between a wheelchair user and someone who is not in a wheelchair is the wheelchair user has to have different accommodations than the other. They need ramps and lifts to get through the campus. Since many schools have these special accommodations you can do a search of schools that offer this help and assistance. Here is a general list of schools across the US and it gives more detailed information of each school they list. Checking for just wheelchair accessibility is half fit, you also need to see if the school is right for you and it has the program you are looking for. Being accepted is another huge factor you need to be aware of. Most community colleges have a very high acceptance rate when you compare them to private schooling. Whichever is the best route to you follow and attend the school you desire to go to.This is a list of community colleges organized by state that show the acceptance rates of each one. They organize them by the most selective colleges.  

School Assistance

Each school has its own disabled programs that help you reach your academic goal. All of them are free and most are easily accessible to you. If you opened the first link we provided then you can read examples of what the schools offer and you can ask the school that you are considering if they have that special assistance because it is an accommodation. All this information can be obtained at the admissions office or you can simply call the school so you will not have to go all the way to the school just to ask some questions.

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