Getting your clothes on in the morning is especially challenging if you are wheelchair bound. The problem isn’t because you are in a wheelchair; there are some fashions that simply don’t transfer to someone sitting in a wheelchair. Keep reading to discover some fun and useful tips you can use to get dressed in your wheelchair every day.

  1. Shorter is better. Flowing maxi dresses and long scarves are cute, but they might be dangerous if they get caught in your wheels. Close fitting clothes are better to avoid this kind of problem.
  1. Highlight your waist. Flowing shirts might look sexy on someone standing but can be boxy when you are sitting, therefore it is important to highlight your waist. A belt that matches your shirt or a fitted shirt made specifically for you will solve this problem.
  1. Ensure your pants are the proper length. Pants always rise up when you sit. Now you are in a wheelchair, be sure your pants are the correct length when you are seated. When you are shopping always keep this in mind so that you get the proper length pants.
  1. Have fun with shoes. Remember those uncomfortable shoes that look great? Now you can wear them all the time! Don’t get them too small or they will cut your skin. Get out there and have fun in your shoes with your next outfit!
  1. Get longer tops for longer torsos. You can elongate your torso by buying a top that is a little longer than required. Not only will you look skinnier, it will keep your torso covered. A longer shirt will make your silhouette look longer and you won’t have that awkward cut-off.
  1. Accessorize. A chunky necklace, funky tie or dazzling earrings can focus attention on your face. You will now have a focal point for your outfit and you will look chic and on trend.

Your fashion options in your wheelchair are almost endless. Be confident and stay positive and keep an eye out for those pieces of clothing on your next shopping trip that makes your body look great when you are sitting.

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