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Basketball Can be Fun for Wheelchair Users

If you are in a wheelchair and you love basketball you can play it and have the same amount of fun that people without a wheelchair do. There are many ways you can start playing basketball. After you watch your favorite player dribble down the court and scores a game-winning shot. The year of 1984, wheelchair basketball emerged in the USA The one who developed it was an injured World War 2 servicemen. More people like him that were able-bodied started and wanted to keep playing the game, which helped push it even further. The swiftness that it had made for wheelchair users helped it expand through the whole USA and also worldwide. The concept of the game is the same as the able-bodied version. Both teams try to make baskets in the other team's basket to win the game. There is a time limit and once it runs out then the team with more points wins the game. All the rules stay the same from the time of the game to a shot clock.

Wheelchair basketball

Start Playing

You just need a little inspiration to start playing. Watch some highlights of the best players in the name of basketball or you can also watch the legends perfect the art of basketball. Here is a link to Paralympic 2016 games where you will get to see how the game is actually played through the use of wheelchairs. If you want to purchase a basketball court you can click here to purchase one online. Here are many different options for basketballs to help you to start playing on the court. Order online or go to a local sports store and purchase all the equipment you need. The more affordable option if you do not want to purchase a basketball court then you can go to your local park and play there for free. Going to the park will not give you privacy if you really want it but if you go and play at a park then you have the chance to socialize with other players.

Girls wheelchair basketball

Where to Play

Some park leagues may offer wheelchair friendly leagues that are specifically for wheelchair users and you can sign up for free and they have weekly practices for beginners. Having a team you go for will help boost your willpower to go out and play because you will look up to your favorite players in that team. This hobby can also lead to collecting basketball cards or something cool that is related to basketball. Challenge your friends who also have a wheelchair but not really like sports as much. Make them go out and give it a try. Do not let a wheelchair ruin your favorite sport because the development of wheelchair basketball will help you play.

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