Special needs equipment is usually mentioned in the same sentence as “pediatric” because it usually has to do with special needs children requiring assistive equipment. These types of chairs are specifically suited from kids who suffer from a mobility disability and are unable to move on their own.

The equipment necessary would allow them to move about more independently than without having one, it is specifically designed for positioning and mobility assistance.

Seating for Special Needs Wheelchair

One of the most important features of a special needs chair is the chair seat. The seat is designed to aid children that suffer from moderate to severe physical and mental disabilities. To improve your child’s body posture and alignment of the spine, it is essential to get a chair that is custom made or close to it.

The correct size and type of wheelchair can go a long way in your child’s health; the proper seating can enhance their independence, comfort level, and health.

Back Posture is Important

Back posture is the most important feature of a special needs chair. If the child is going to be using the chair on a daily basis, it is important that they have the proper size seat and back cane angle to allow them to have a good back posture at all times.

There are two types of special needs chairs that are available; this includes stroller-like chairs that are suited for children under the age of 9. The other type of special needs chair is a pediatric wheelchair.


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