So you would like to learn how to get yourself or your friend into a boat without risking severe injury. There are several methods of getting a person into a boat the right way. One of the most proper ways of getting an individual into a boat is to have the boat entrance custom built so that it is the correct size for the individual.

If this were a possibility, then the individual would be able to sit in their wheelchair roll their way onto the boat without having to get out of the chair.

Winch Lift

Another way that is popular to get into a boat is to install a winch lift onto the front of the boat to be able to use it as a gurney. Now obviously having a custom built ramp or lift would prevent the user from straining or injuring himself or herself while trying to mount the boat. Any other option available varies in how difficult and dangerous they are.

The cheapest way to get someone onto a boat is to have more than 2 people lift them onto the boat from the dockside; this would allow them to enter the boat while being lifted by other people.

Custom Built Boats

There are also custom built boats that house a foldable ramp on the front, which you can unfold and fit next to a docking station to allow the user to independently transfer out of the boat. This requires a strong tension system that would keep the boat in one place while the individual is transferring in or out.

This type of entry would allow the user more independence, as they wouldn’t require a caregiver or a few people to lift them in and out of the boat.

Commercials boats can sometimes have the accessibility for a wheelchair user to get into a lift and get onto the boat, but this is rare and can only be found on larger vessels that are designed for a large number of people.


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