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Apples new Wheelchair app
Apple is trying to improve accessibility across all of its products. Being apple they have millions of consumers and just about everyone you know currently owns an iPhone or an Apple product. They have hit the mainstream so hard that people started businesses because of the iPhone product. You probably already know of iPhone repair stores you can find in your local retail store outlet. They are very common due to the fact that everyone owns an iPhone. Since Apple has introduced the Apple watch it has become more of an accessible product. You can do a lot with the newest apple watch and that is a good thing for our fellow wheelchair users.



Workout app
They recently developed a workout app for wheelchair users and with the apple watch, it is a good feature. You can set goals within the app as well as measure your movement accurately and that is impressive given it’s a watch inside a piece Apples new watchof metal. You can set it to measure your movements in specific routines of exercise. The goals that the app lets you set can be based on time, calories and distance. There are two different workouts a wheelchair user can choose from and they are called outdoor wheelchair walk pace and outdoor wheelchair run pace. Depending on the workout you choose the app adjusts its sensor to the chosen workout. How advanced does that sound? You can monitor your progress if you choose to buy this watch. Click the link and check out the newest watch and see the different pricing and models. They offer more than one model and those models have different features just like when a phone has different features to a different phone.


The features do not stop there you can also have vision and hearing help. Here are some cool features to help that you can find in the new Apple watch. This voice feature that you can use if you have problems with your vision. It allows you to hear the sounds a little better and also it reads everything on your screen out Apples new watchloud. That can come in handy even though you do not have problems with your vision. You can also set the font bigger and you can zoom in if you still are having a hard time reading the text.

They have added a new taptic engine which gives you little taps when you receive notifications from alerts like your email and text messages. If you have your watch in your pocket for some reason and you can’t hear the notification then with the taptic engine then you will know you got something. You can also Apples new watchscribble on the screen when you reply to a message and the watch translates it to text and that is an amazing feature because sometimes you are in a hurry and you can’t speak out loud. As you can see the apple watch has many features to help people with different disabilities so it it's just not suitable for able-bodied people anymore. They can be purchased virtually anywhere and we mean everywhere from buying them used to buying them brand new.


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