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Google Home for Quadriplegics
If you never heard of google home then you are missing out. Google home can be a disabled person’s best friend literally. You literally can have a basic conversation with the thing. You can ask it many things from the web that you would normally search on google. If you have a short-term memory problem then tell it to set a reminder. Since Google has released an update where you can flag places that are wheelchair friendly it will be very easy to get information on that. It uses to be a game of finding the best local guide you can possibly find.
There are the simple features like getting weather update or getting some local news. They are going to implement a feature soon where you can tell the device goodnight and it will turn off the lights as well as turn on your night alarm for your home. A cool feature it currently has is that you canGoogle Home basically broadcast a message on it and add other speakers to it to amplify the message. You just pair it with your android phone using a special app and you can set it up in the living room and broadcast a message to your family members when you need something. Another cool feature that will soon come out on a future update is the ability to send yourself the information you just asked your google home for. The feature that everyone that is unorganized will love the phone finder feature. You can tell it to find your phone and will ring it but for Android, if your phone is on silent then it will still ring but not for an IOS device.

It is also capable of entertaining children with the games it currently has like beatboxing, musical chairs, trivia games, and etc. It can recognize kids voice also. If you have a Google homeChromecast connected to your TV then you can also turn the tv and off so you won’t have to get up out of bed and get in your wheelchair just to turn on the TV if you do not have the remote.

You can make calls using which is pretty cool if you can’t find your phone. When you call using the device it rings on the other end as your number and not an old one like it did before the update that patched it. This can come in handy in Google homeemergency situations as well as bored situations. Maybe you just want to remind your friend to bring some chips before they arrive at your house since you can’t locate your phone or it is somewhere that you can’t reach it.


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