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Accessible apps
The previous post featured an apple only product that was wheelchair proactive. Now, we will share android some love. Everyone also knows what an android is since they are a household name across the globe, they are not very expensive unless you try to buy a phone or a product that recently came out onto the market. They have many products from phones to tablets. In this article, we will showcase a few apps that Android currently has and that is of course wheelchair friendly. If you have an android phone then you are in luck so stay tuned.

Assistive Touch
This app allows you to add virtual buttons to your Android device. You can do a number of things without having to touch the physical buttons. Navigating the phone will be a lot easier and smoother for someone with vision impairment. Download the app and give it a Android appstry and see if you like it and if it makes your life easier then to keep using the buttons on your phone. The app also comes with a few extra features but they are not worth noting besides the feature that we interested in. The app will run you a $1 or they also have a free version with fewer features of course.

Google Talkback
Google talkback is an accessibility feature for your Android that you can get. All you have to do is activate it. It serves the purpose to help the people with impairments of vision to know what is going on there phone. It can get hard for people with vision Android app googleimpairments to know what is going because they might not catch everything right away. Now they will, you can use vibration, spoken, and of course audible feedback in case you can’t seem to read the message you got.

Google Translate
This app is not necessarily for people with disabilities but it can serve many purposes in real-world interactions. Since it is very uncommon for someone to know a lot of languages at once then this app is for you. You can translate with the push of a button without the need to type anything because you can Android apptype using your voice. This app is, of course, free and is highly recommended because you really never know when you are going somewhere and you randomly run into someone that speaks another language. You will not have to worry anywhere and it also works with your camera so you can translate a sign in many languages. Get this app and give it a try in a real situation and take see how it performs. Have the app open so you will not forget about it and just not use it at all.


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