Here is a collection of tips from around the internet regarding new wheelchair users and current users as well, please let us know if this was helpful to you.


– An 18-inch seat width is the most common seat width available for a manual wheelchair. The average sized person(male or female, should be able to fit into this type of seat comfortably.)

– If you have a caregiver who takes care of you on a daily basis, and you cannot push the wheels of the chair comfortably, you should get a transport wheelchair. A travel wheelchair is ideal in this type of situation because the chair will come standard with companion handles, and small wheels to allow you to store the chair in a vehicle or a storage space with ease.

– When traveling by yourself on a manual wheelchair and you are crossing the street, make sure to locate the curb incline (where you can climb to the sidewalk) before crossing the street. Otherwise you will be stuck in the street where it is highly possible that you will be hit.

– If you are going to be using the wheelchair for long periods of time and on a daily basis, make sure that you purchase a highly rated wheelchair cushion. Some are more comfortable than others, the most comfortable being inflatable cushions.

– Anti-tippers are a must buy accessory if you find yourself popping the front wheels up all the time, this will help in making sure that you do not fall over backwards.

– If you buy a wheelchair and it comes standard with inflatable tires, you should make sure that you buy an electric air pump in case that your tires go flat or need a bit more air after some use.

Our wheelchairs come standard with flat free non-pneumatic tires, so that you can avoid certain situations where a tire may blowout while you’re out and about.

Wheelchair brakes can be adjusted to suit your mobility needs, you should buy the proper tool to adjust the brakes in case that you feel the brakes a little too tight or a little too loose.

– Riding on a wheelchair for the first time will show you that when you are riding a wheelchair, you can feel every incline or decline of the surface you are riding through. You can feel downhill slopes more than you would on any other type of mobility equipment.





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