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  • All over the world, people are sharing photos from Minnesota  Minneapolis is experiencing first hand racial and class disparities. In this case especially in the east coast.
  • From cell phone videos to News Anchor camera men teams, there is injustice happening everywhere. In this day and age, it is quicker to share stories through social media. People everywhere are showing their encounters with social injustice. At this time, it is predominantly seen through the death of George Floyd. However, this does not exclude innocent by-standers. Social injustice has become a new normal in America.
  • A woman in a scooter, not a wheelchair, but it could have been easily been in a wheelchair, was injured by rioters.  She had been in an apparent scooter that would be classified as Group 2 or 3. This particularly indicates significant mobility impairment for such mobility devices to be "issued" or bought. Continue reading to see her involvement.

Non Foldable Scooter:

It was reported by the Daily News that this woman was intentionally hurting others.

A woman in a wheelchair was pushed, punched and sprayed with a fire extinguisher after being accused of “stabbing people” outside a Target store in Minneapolis during Wednesday night’s chaotic protest over the death of George Floyd.

Conflicting accounts on social media described her both as a disabled woman who was trying to block looters from breaking into the store and as a violent assailant who was armed with a knife and threatening to hurt protesters.

Many of the videos shown on twitter and many other social media platforms identify an out of control situation.  As a result, many hurt individuals have been injured during the chaos.

Most mobility impaired individuals requiring a wheelchair, scooter, or mobility device typically are not able to put others in danger.

She was reported to have had a grudge with one of the "African American" workers at the local store. She helped create chaos during the peaceful protests. The chaos was furthered by looters who went to town with an intention to steal and gain from the riots.  It can be seen in the video that she had a significant disadvantage with her mobility being impaired through being confined to a power scooter. Contrary to this video. a different video does show that she is able to walk, however, it's not determined whether that was just temporary.

  1. You decide.  Was she hurting others?
  2. Does she deserve this?
  3.  If she's just mobility impaired, was she able to stand?
  4. Should we have a voice in her side of the story?

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