Mobility devices are great for helping people with physical disabilities gain independence. These mobile devices can also improve the morale of the physically disabled individual. This article if for you if you are planning to buy a mobility device for someone disabled in your family.

Buying mobility equipment can be a bit challenging. You have to take into consideration the person with the disability and how will they most likely be using the mobility device. Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind when buying the mobility device.

1.  Exactly what type of mobility equipment do they require?

What will they be using the device for? How frequently will they be using the device? If they still have good upper body mobility and just want to move around freely then wheelchairs or electric scooters might be a good choice.

2.  What is your spending limit for the mobility equipment?

You need to begin with some type of budget. You don’t need to buy an electric scooter if the person who is using it is going to be indoors most of the time. A wheelchair might be a better option in this scenario.

For someone who still has some strength in their legs, a walker might be a good option for them. You will also need to take into account insurance coverage and how much they will cover and what you will need before they cover it like a prescription from the doctor.

3. Where to buy mobility devices?

You have a few options here. If you are buying a normal wheelchair which doesn’t need much maintenance, shopping for it online might be your best bet. Not only do you get great selection, you can easily compare deals with the click of a mouse. Online vendors usually have much better prices too.

With electric scooters it might be slightly different because they do need regular service and maintenance. You might be better off buying the electric scooter from a local medical equipment supplier who also does the servicing and maintenance.

There are some stores both online and in regular brick and mortar stores that sell second hand or slightly used mobility equipment. Check them out and you can save even more money.


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