Are Wheelchair Lifts Suitable for Residential Purpose

Wheelchair lifts are great for residential uses as they provide comfortable and easy access to the home of physically disabled or elderly individuals who might have a tough time with mobility on their own.

With a residential wheelchair lift, they can easily get around stairways and get a great boost in confidence for getting some of their independence back.

Wheelchair lifts for the home come in a variety of compact and trendy designs which fit in perfectly with your home’s decor. They come in various models like the vertical platform lifts, portable and inclined wheelchair lifts which are perfect for outdoor and indoor uses.
Wheelchair Lifts: Suitable for Residential Purpose

Hydraulic or Pressure Components

You can get great looking curved or straight stair lifts in various models and brands. They come in two operating modes hydraulic and electric powered. Hydraulics is used to power the hydraulic models and is great in areas that don’t have electricity.

They are very quiet and give a comfortable and smooth access.  They are also simple to install. Electric powered lifts offer more flexibility and are less costly.

You can configure and customize these mobility devices to your specific needs. They have strong platforms and can accommodate wheelchair of various sizes and can even accommodate power wheelchairs, adult wheelchairs, children wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs.

Safety Features of Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Many great safety features are included in residential wheelchair lifts. They include sensors that are highly sensitive to objects that might be blocking its path. If an objection is found, the sensors will instantly stop the lift which prevents any damage to the lift or potential in just to the user.

Most platforms have a non-slip surface design which prevents the user from slipping off. Wheelchair stair lifts also include an optional remote control which makes operation much easier. To prevent unauthorized usage key locks are also included.

Additional safety features are listed here:

Anti-skid surface

Audio visual alarm system

Automatic dual access ramps

Constant pressure control knobs

Electro-mechanical braking system with motor

Emergency alarm

Emergency stop switch

Final limit controls

Folding seats with armrests

Grab rails

Manual lowering unit

Safety belts

Safety under panel detector

Some Battery Assisted Wheelchair Companies

Before buying a wheelchair lift you need to identify your needs. A good start would be to find out what models, makers and dealers are available. Some outstanding manufacturers include Savaria, Thyssenkrupp Access and Bruno.

If you still need more help, you can request a technician from the dealer who can help you select the wheelchair stair lift that is ideal for your home.


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