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Wheelchair Upholstery & Seats with Cushions

There are many types of wheelchair upholstery & seats and cushions:

If you’re sitting in a wheelchair for more than 2 hours a day, this could be the most singular most important section you will want to pay attention to.  Just like sleeping our bed, we spend 1/3 of our lives and must invest in the most comfortable mattress and pillow.  Wheelchairs are the same way.  If you’ve found our website, you already know that we have been the leaders ergonomics and patented S-shaped seating system with proven relief.  Now let’s explore what other options there are.

  1. S-Shaped Seating System
  2. Memory Foam
  3. Aegis Anti-Microbial Cushion
  4. Gel Foam
  5. Reguar Cushion

Whether it’s a replacement wheelchair cushion or a brand spanking new one you can’t wait to break in, try our memory foam wheelchair upholstery & seats cushion that sets apart the best from the rest.  Just like your memory foam temperpedic high end pillows, buying the best means that you’re getting what you pay for.

Our high end products not only have been tested but it’s where comfort just puts the competition away on the reason why we only use the best materials. We really make the good stuff.  And we’re not just tooting our own horn.  It’s backed by research and science.  We love providing comfort day in and day out for our most valuable clients; you!  Just check out our reviews.  Now remember, this really is personal preference.