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Wheelchair Headrest

Karman healthcare new universal folding wheelchair headrest is perfect for all wheelchair users who are looking for added comfort at an economical price. Patented design allows for folding when collapsing wheelchair. No tools needed, no removal needed when folding and storing wheelchair. Padded headrest has a breathable surface texture.

This head control wheelchair headrest provides support at three levels on the head to control lateral flexion (ear towards shoulder), rotation (nose toward shoulder), and flexion (chin to chest). The wheelchair headrest for head control is available for both kids and adults.

Many times stabilizing head is a must for those with significant neck injuries and nuromuscular disease who require the use of a wheelchair. Not all headrests are created equal; many are uncomfortable and difficult to adjust. Below you will learn the benefits of the Karman Wheelchair Headrest and why it’s so easy to use, not to mention how comfortable it is for the user.

So many headrests for wheelchair users are obtrusive and lack the stabilization that a lot of patients need, especially with the head dropping forward. The ones that do offer some type of forward head control are usually very uncomfortable for the wearer and can be a general nuisance. Headbands that are difficult to use are more likely to go unused by, especially those hired or have the task of to caring for the patient

The wheelchair headrest for head control comes with a headband that is comfortable and very easy to use. It has quick release clamps that hold it securely to the patients head, and special pads for added comfort. Securing the head comfortably to the headrest will keep the head from falling forward, something that can possibly causing breathing problems, difficulty eating or speaking, or further neck injury.


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