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Memory Foam Cushions For Wheelchairs

You can choose a material, whether you prefer a more firm memory foam cushion or a gel foam cushion. There are also wheelchair seats for different seat sizes

Gel Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Gel Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion is designed with comfort and pressure relief in mind. The cushion is constructed with a gel bladder surrounded by high density foam to mold comfortably to the user. As an added bonus, the breathable cover can easily be removed and washed to ensure a safe and sanitary condition. All these features ensure proper skin integrity and help prevent pressure ulcers and sores.

Ergonomic Memory Foam Wheel chair Seats

This cushion is contoured to better fit the shape of your body. It can be used as either a  Cushion or a Seat, please specify. This cushion is designed to compliment the frame design of the Ergonomic wheelchairs, but can be used on any same width chair. Don’t forget to add the Ergonomic Contoured Memory Foam Backrest for the ultimate combination of comfort.

Foam Wheelchairs Cushions

The Karman Healthcare Wheel chair Back Cushion is a contoured foam back cushion that provides upper back comfort and lumbar support. Designed to reduce lower back pain and muscle tension while seated for prolonged periods of time.

A wheelchair cushion provides the user a base from which their wheelchair positioning stems from, with comfort, pressure relief and ulcer prevention, shock absorption, and assists with postural alignment to improve user function.  We recommend the memory foam over most gel and traditional sponge.


Back & Cushion

Anti Bacterial Cushions


Back & Cushion

CU-FO – Foam


Back & Cushion

BKF-1617 – Back Foam