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Gel Foam for Wheelchairs and Cushions

Gel Foam for Wheelchairs and Seat Cushions is designed with comfort and pressure relief in mind. The cushion is constructed with a gel bladder surrounded by high density foam to mold comfortably to the user. As an added bonus, the breathable cover can easily be removed and washed to ensure a safe and sanitary condition. All these features ensure proper skin integrity and help prevent pressure ulcers and sores.

Which Coi-Gel™ Gel Foam for Wheelchairs & Cushions Option is Right For You?

Coi-Gel™ is an elastomer gel — a solid sheet of soft, rubber-like polymer that mimics fatty tissue. With typical cushions, excessive shear force leads to occlusion of blood flow, which is seen as one of the biggest contributing factors behind pressure injuries and discomfort. But Coi-Gel moves with the skin to minimize the effects of skin-shearing and the risk of skin breakdown. Guaranteed not to leak or dry out if accidentally punctured or cut.

Smooth – Basic shear relief. Minimizes the effects of skin shearing with smooth surface.

Checkerboard – Each individual gel foam for wheelchairs cell can move independently to react to the user’s movements and allows greater air circulation to fragile skin.

Traditional wheelchair cushion surfaces often remain static when a user begins to slide forward and shear against the skin, resulting in subcutaneous tissue damage and costly pressure injuries.  Our low profile Coi-Gel cushions are made of a soft, rubber like polymer. The gel mimics a skin protection.  Like fatty tissues and it minimizes harmful effects. Gel foam for wheelchairs is much better than the standard seats.



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