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If you are looking for a smart and easy way to get rid of your used wheelchair, this page provides information regarding how you can sell your used chair with ease.

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What do I do with my wheelchair when I no longer need it?

That is a question many people with disabilities ask themselves when they decide that they no longer need their wheelchair. Wheelchair users sometimes decide that they do not want or need their wheelchair anymore and they find it hard to get rid of the equipment, or to sell it for some kind of return on their investment.

There are also users who have a low income situation that requires them to buy a used wheelchair, while this is very risky, sometimes it is near impossible to avoid having to buy a used wheelchair. Sometimes you can buy a wheelchair through Medicare or Medicaid, which eliminates the risk of having to buy a used wheelchair. We will cover all the options on the net for people who are looking to buy or sell their used wheelchair.


There are many services out there that allow you to publish and advertise your used wheelchair. For example, provides a section for listing and selling your unwanted items, some users prefer to post under the “Health and Beauty” category, other users place their ads under the “General for Sale” category. Depending on what type of equipment you are trying to sell, you can use your own judgment on what section it belongs in. also provides a similar service that allows you to publish and advertise ads related to your wheelchair or medical equipment, for this service you are required to sign up and log in to your account in order to be able to post your used wheelchair.

Another option to selling or buying a used wheelchair is Disability Forums. Websites like, which allows users to buy and sell used wheelchairs from their community of loyal and dedicated users.



This option requires you to sign up and log into your account where you can start posting under the “Disability Classifieds - Secondhand Wheelchairs - For Sale / Wanted” section, which is usually the place where disability forums categorize used wheelchairs for sale.

All in all, the act of buying a used wheelchair represents a greater chance that it might malfunction or break down, depending on the wear and tear on the wheelchair. Furthermore, buying a used wheelchair also means you are buying the cushion or upholstery of the previous user, which collects bacteria and perspiration over time, which can be unhealthy for your skin and body.

(We carry anti-bacterial cushions by the way)

Always make sure that the wheelchair you are buying has a great deal of information that comes along with it, wherever it may be posted online, find photos, ask questions, make sure you are getting the wheelchair you see in the pictures, and not something that is broken or non-repairable.

For more information, you can visit the following resources that may help you decide whether buying a used wheelchair is a good idea, or whether you prefer to buy a brand new manual wheelchair, or power wheelchair.

Places to Visit to Sell your Used Wheelchair

Open Box Medical - Used Wheelchairs - Buy or Sell

Secondhand Wheelchair Guide

Ebay - Buy or Sell Wheelchairs

1-800 wheelchair -  Buy New Manual Wheelchairs & Standing Wheelchairs


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