Attachments Available For Wheelchair Armrests

Wheelchair armrests have attachments that are available from Karman Healthcare official dealers.

  • Single Post – One vertical tube that inserts into the side of the wheelchair frame.
  • Dual Post – Two vertical tubes that insert into the side of the wheelchair frame.
  • Fixed – Welded or bolted to the frame of the chair.
  • Flip Down – Flip down armrests attach to the backrest canes and can be flipped upward get it out the way while doing a transfer.

wheelchair armrests choice

Wheelchair Armrest Choices

Using armrests on a wheelchair is a choice that users have initially when purchasing a wheelchair. Some wheelchair companies offer the option of removing the armrests if the customer were to request it. Some wheelchair users believe that armrests can get in the way of proper force and function.

This type of user is commonly an active wheelchair user, who uses the chair in outdoor activities and sports. Other users prefer not to install armrests on their wheelchair because it adds baggage to the overall weight of the chair.

Choices for Armrest Styles

These are the types of armrest styles that are available from Karman Healthcare official distributors.

  • Swing Away – Swing away means that they can be flipped back to allow a safe transfer.
  • Tubular – Curve down, usually flip down with hardware on the uprights.
  • Desk Length – Adjustable height and removable. The perfect length and shape to fit under a desk or table.
  • Adjustable Full Length – Adjustable height, push pin mechanism, second most common armrest choice.
  • Fixed Full Length – Non-adjustable fixed armrests, bolted down, provide support from back to front of seat.
  • Tubular – Flip-down attaching to the rear upright tubes, adjustable depending tubular style.

Optimal Arm Support

Different people need different armrests, depending on their condition.

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Bad Posture

You may have to practice adjusting your chair in order to find the perfect configuration

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What Type of Armrests Do I Need?

Some users need aftermarket armrests or a special type of armrests.

Contact us for more information regarding our suggestions for wheelchair armrests.

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