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How can we support handicapped people? Is it important to have the handicapped support to increase and advance as we are? It is not a secret that many people in the world do not feel comfortable around people that have disabilities. Even though 1 in 5 people have some kind of disability. It most certainly takes time to get at ease with the idea of being disabled. It also takes even longer for people to get comfortable around people with disabilities.

Being an individual with a disability, interacting with people can disclose various disturbing social morale. But it is never too late for anyone to change their ways.

If you have never before met someone with a disability and you are worried0. Here are some must-know tips that can help support handicapped people and make it easier for you.

Respect Their Personal Space

Individuals with disabilities, like any other person, also need their own space. They may not like it if others touch their mobility aids without asking for their permission. If you wish to move their wheelchair out of the way, then ask for their permission. Remember to knock on the door before you make your way inside the room. Most importantly, never talk about their disability with others.  After all, it is important to support handicapped people.

Do not Rest, Move, or Sit on Someone’s Wheelchair

Just like crutches are considered part of an individual’s body, a wheelchair is also a part of its user’s body. It should not matter how amiable you are with them. You should always be respectful of their personal space. Do not sit on an individual’s wheelchair without asking for their permission. Even if the person asks you to watch their wheelchair while they do something ,it is still not nice to sit in their wheelchair. You do not want to end up breaking a part of the equipment that someone depends on for their daily use.

It Is Just a wheelchair – Stay Calm

This says so much in just a few plain words, but the deeper meaning of this is something to take home with you for better interaction. Stay calm and remember that handicapped people are also humans, just that they sit in a chair on wheels. They are certainly not as unconnected as you may think.

By All Means, Get On Their Level

If you can comfortably kneel or sit down to be at eye level with an individual in a wheelchair, then, by all means, do it. Individuals with disabilities also wish to get treated as equals in society. It is perfectly okay to make accommodations to makes sure that they feel comfortable.

Make the Ramps and Walkways Accessible

It can get exasperating for wheelchair users to take another path, identified as accessible for wheelchairs. You don't want them just to be declined entrance to a building due to blockage. Remember always to be considerate before you park your vehicle or place things on walkways or ramps. Wouldn't you think that this would help support handicapped people?

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Save the Condescending Treatment

Avoiding disdainful remarks such as

“Good for you,”

“You are so brave,”

“Wow, I am impressed.”

Just remember that people with disabilities are not any different and do not want your patronizing remarks so let them fly.

Bring Up Their Self-Confidence

There may be some disabled people who may suffer from a lack of self-confidence and poise. Remember, a lot of them do not like sympathy, and they do not like to be stared at. Therefore, always try to make eye contact as you talk to them. Also try not to strike up a conversation that revolves around their disability. If you are interacting with a person in a wheelchair, then you should sit down and speak to them face-to-face. Don't be standing and talking down to them.

Acknowledge Their Opinion and Presence

It can be difficult to notice. But, when you are at a restaurant and notice an individual with a disability, just notice how the staff interacts with them. More often than not, the waiters will ask whoever they are with and not to them about their order. Sadly presuming that the individual’s disability may have affected their mental ability as well.

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This particular behavior still presents several people’s minds, and it is one of the most common offenses to people with disabilities. Therefore, always surmise that they can process things just as fast as you can, and you will be good to go.


Interacting with and supporting people who are handicapped is only as difficult and alienated as you make it. It is important to remember the basics mentioned above and never forget the importance they carry to show your support towards people with disabilities. If you can manage that, then you are officially a cut above the rest, setting yourself free from the antiquated ways of associating with support handicapped people.

In the comment section below, let us know what other ways can be incorporated to showcase support towards differently-abled individuals.