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Would You Consider Vlogging?

Have you seen the youtube stars that can pick up a camera do start vlogging and also be fun to watch? That can be you as well! You can start vlogging for almost free because you can use your smartphone and basically any laptop if you want to edit the videos to a special effect. The vlog can be about anything and you will have a good time vlogging about your life. Starting a youtube channel and posting daily will also lead to new connections and friends because they will be interested in what you do and will want to collaborate on videos. Try it and give it a shot because you never know what it can turn into. In this article, we will explain why it is a good idea to get started in vlogging and ways you can get started so it can be a smooth sailing ship for you.

vlogging in a whelchair

Vlogging in a Wheelchair

Vlogging in a wheelchair can sound like a challenging task but it is not because you can have access to everything. There are many wheelchair vlogs you can model your vlog after and here is one an example. If you checked out the video you will notice it is not hard to get started because you do not need to be a Hollywood star to get the ball rolling. The first video you post can simply be the reason you are starting your vlog and also you can include why you are in a wheelchair if you would not mind giving that personal information out. Ask a friend to be in your first video of you do not feel comfortable being alone in the first one. Have them introduce you or something try to be creative it will benefit you in the long run. Ask family and friends for ideas on what type of content you think you should post and consider it. Another way of coming up with ways to start your wheelchair vlog can be is to post a poll on your social media accounts and asking them what they would enjoy seeing on your youtube channel.



vlogging equipment


The Equipment

You do not need any fancy equipment because all you really need is just the phone you have. The free youtube app lets you upload directly to your channel without any problems. If you want to purchase your own camera it would be a good idea too and step up your game. You can find some decent cameras on this link that includes many cameras. Find the video camera you wish to use and get started vlogging and remember to just have fun with it because that is the point.

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