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Wheelchair Users Can be Mentors to

If you have ever had a mentor you will know the value they bring in your life. They offer so much guidance and life tips or whatever the reason they are in your life. Although it is not easy to get a mentor it is worth the hassle of getting one. People with disabilities can be the best mentors because they are wiser and they have been strong through certain situations. If you are a wheelchair user then you should consider becoming a mentor to someone who needs guidance in his or her life. It can be someone that is a friend or it can be someone that is a family. A good idea would be to guide someone that you are close to that you tend to see having a bad day and they could use the guidance you have for them.

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Finding Someone To Mentor

When it comes to finding someone you want to mentor it is a good idea to mentor someone that you know you can provide value to. The best example would be a child that newly becomes a wheelchair user because they are going to see it a huge discouragement. You come in and explain and guide them the reasons why it is not. Let them know what you have gone through and what you did to overcome those obstacles. If you are not close to anyone or have any family members that you think that does not need any guidance then you can try community wheelchair groups or anything similar. An example of this would be someone in the group is, of course, a wheelchair user but is having trouble adjusting to the life of being in a wheelchair. Bring the wheelchair user guidance and advice as well. Teach them a few hobbies or activities you enjoy doing that is wheelchair friendly because they might start to enjoy it themselves.

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Mentoring Someone

There are many ways you can mentor someone in a wheelchair but one of the best ways would be of course to show them ways to help them understand why being in a wheelchair is not so bad. Take them out to the park or take them to a place that is wheelchair friendly so they can realize most of the places that would like to go to are wheelchair friendly and they can start to enjoy them. Show them fun stuff to do when they are bored maybe like computer program cool books to read to help them kill time or be productive with there spare time they come across. It all comes down the value of a mentor.

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